Linders Furniture review in Los Angeles, California: Poor quality furniture

I bought a leather couch and loveseat with the extended warranty for $1500. After having the furniture for 11 months, I had two tears already. I had them come out and fix the tears, and 1 week later the tore again in the same spots. They came out and fixed them again. The couch ripped again in the same spots. They have spent hours at my house, fixing and re-fixing torn furniture. The quality of their furniture is appalling! I have never owned a couch so poorly made. I wish I had never bought furniture from them. Did I mention this furniture is rarely used? You are better off spending your money elsewhere.
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I am having the same problem! I had a huge rip in my leather recliner, they fixed it through the warrenty.

Ok, no problem.. 2 wks later, another huge tear right next to the 1st rip. Now they say they never should have fixed it in the first place and gave me back a credit to the store. but NOW I have the same problem with my couch.

They refuse to fix it and tell me to call Linders. When I do, they tell me to call Guardsman (for warrenty) I am stuck in an endless call cycle. We have only had this for 2 years and the leather is complete ***.

Did you ever get your problem solved with them? If so, can you offer me any adive on how to procede?

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Linders Furniture review in Los Angeles, California: Rip off!

Linder's sold me a chair that has faulty springs and refuses to exchange it! Linder's charged me $5 and $4 worth of postage to play a bunko free gas game that does not even exist! this is definitely a bunko scheme. I am contacting the District Attorney's office. If anyone bought furniture during one of the supposed giveaways and got ripped off they should file with BBB and District Attorney and certainly never shop at Linder's again! i feel *** for falling into the trap to get free gas to buy furniture there! from now on I will shop at stores that believe in Customer service!!!
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Linders Furniture review in Los Angeles, California: Linder's takes advantage of customers even in down economy!

I recently purchased a couch that was comfortable and came in the color selection I wanted for my home. What showed up at my home was a cement hard piece of garbage-the 'customer service piranhas' we not only unprofessional but rude and obnoxious. They are not customer service as that indicates helping and caring. They need a lesson in listening and understanding. If they will not take it back I am writing to local media-electronic and print to tell all-no more will I purchase from Linder's. Guess they are highly successful as they care not about screwing loyal patrons in a down economy....Let's see how long they last-move over Mervyns!
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Thank you, all, for your comments. My husband and I are looking to buy couches and thought we would check Linders.

Not now!

We will pass this info on. I hope you get your money back.


I used to work for Linder's in as a salesperson. They are thieves.

They pressure us to sell sell sell and tell us that if we do not, we are fired. Our president uses profanity even in the stores. How unclassy.

They tell us to ship out floor sample furniture all the time and sell furniture knowing it is not in stock. It's not a secret.


I went today for a job fair in the Cathedral City, Ca. Got interviewed but the Female was sooooo rude.

Didn't even look you in the eye or even make eye contact the entire interview. I am guessing if this is how you are treated during the interview this is how they treat their employees.

I cannot and will not even step into their store when I go for a new sofa and recliner which I should be on the hunt for this year !! DONNOT SHOP AT LINDER'S !!!!!!!!


Same here. A promise of $500.00 in rebates that never came.

I too want to be a part of a class action lawsuit. Please.


83 days ago I purchased an ottoman and sofa table, and I still do not have my pieces. I have gotten every excuse in the book and even sent am email to the president and no response or resolution.

Not only am I without my purchases but I am out money I paid to get these bogus promotionals activated. FED UP


REALLY??!! i called about my gas/grocery redemption and I was very happy when they extended out to me $500 store credit all in one lump sum, no $25 a month until i die!

I got a great tv and i love it!

Maybe everyone should take a deep breath and try to go back to their happy place... its not life or death afterall =P


When my sectional was delivered, the lounge portion was too large for the frame. They fixed it for me, making it even larger.

When I complained, they sent out a tech to measure it. He saw the size, not even needing to measure. He said they would call. They never did.

I have subsequently left numerous messages to their customer service (SUE,MARK CANTER, BERTHA).

They will not return the phone calls. My attorney is now on it. All I wanted was to get it fixed properly.

What a horrible store and horrible people. How can they sleep at night?


I also bought a TV with the promise of $500 and have recieved NOTHING, and NOTHING is being done for me. This place is the worst.


I just learned about "problems" Linders is having with the 2nd rebate company. I have yet to receive any rebates from the furniture I purchased in December 2008 and despite having jumped through all the hoops for both rebate companies that have been involved to date. I might also point out that I had to complain to Linder's to learn of this problem, they did not contact me.

I have now been presented a letter with 2 options; submit receipts to Linder's akin to the original programs and they will issue $25 Visa cards up to the original amount of the award or take a lump sum distribution in Linder's gift certificates. Hardly great options in either case.

If there is a class action suit in the works, I'm in. I'm considering contacting an attorney myself.


I agree we should all go to court and sue. I am willing to picket if I have to.

I have the worst couch and a gas redemption coupon thats not worth a thing. Liars and thieves


Anyone wanting to start a class action law suit against Linders (As the grocery rebate/gas rebate is obviously FRAUD) I would be interested in being involved. Also, I would be interested in picketing as well as mentioned in an earlier posting. These creeps know exactly what they are doing.


I used to work in Linder's Customer Service and they lie and don't care about the customer. They are theives.


LInder's needs to be put out of business I had the same thing happen with the "get $500 back in grocery store gift cards" what a complete lie-it is like a Ponze scheme-get our money and do not follow through-someone has to see that these jerks need to be out of business


I bought $1600.00 worth of furniture in June 2009 with the No Interest, No Payments, and No Money Down for 1 year. After one month I started getting bills from HSBC/Mitsubishi which is their finance partner.

The bills had interest added on to my bill. I contacted HSBC and they said that Linder's had to send them a letter or the paperwork stating that those were the terms. I called Linder's and they said they would send it. The next month I got my bill there was more interest added on and this time the added surprise of late fees.

I took my paperwork to the Linder's in Murrieta and talk to the manager and he made copies and faxed them to Debbie in Finance at their corporate office in Garden Grove. He said that she will correct it. The next month I got an early Christmas present from HSBC when my credit card statement arrived and I had additional late fees and interest added on. This by the way and have a serious negative impact on my credit report which is over 800 right now.

I went to the store again and went through the same procedure, copies and faxed to Debbie in Finance. I got my most recent statement and for the 3rd month in a row more interest and late fees added. I called the corporate office to speak with Debbie, 714-657-7599, and she never returned my calls. I called and talked to Everett, the manager at Linder's in Murrieta (who is the one I talked to several times before) and he said he will send her an email and have her call me.

No call. I would encourage everyone to shop elsewhere.

I don't mind mistakes but this one is costing me on my credit report and also a lot of aggravation. There are many choices in buying furniture, I think the only way to fight back is by not giving them your sale.


Ross Steiner...The director of marketing is a "RAT".

DONT SHOP Linder's or their other stores,

Legacy Home Furniture and Rooms Express.


Bought $300 automon, paid cash, pickced up at warehouse after 20 minute wait for clerk to service 1 customer ahead of me, got it home, did not fit the space, called customer service within an hour of pick up time, she states 30% restock fee, complained asked for manager who was gong to call me back. No call, went to store, manager not in left copy of paperwork with salesman who said he would have manager call that day, no call, went back to store again, same outcome.

In the end Linders needs to inform customers of such an agregious policy verbally and in signs at the store, not on the back in small print.

Since I'm unemployed I think I'll print some flyers stating their policy and hand them out for a few hours at Linders store. Im sure this will change alot of customers minds on buying furniture there!








linder's Customer service is the worst!! they actually said to me they could care less what my problem with the $1600 worth of furniture I got!

Sue in Customer service thinks she is God! what a ***!

Don't they know that there is competition out there?? Shame on you Linder's

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Linders Furniture Cheap Swap Meet Items

2 months ago i bought an enternaiment center from linders furniture which costed $1,565.85 I was happy at first with the product but then this is what happened. The wood grain began to peel and one of the glass doors fell off! I came home one day from work and their it was on the floor broken in pieces. I looked at the hinges and saw that the screws came off the hinges. that struck me very wrong and suspicious so i took a closer look and found a piece of cardboard inserted into the tiny holes. Apparently when the guys that delivered the furniture and assebled it stripped the screws where the hinges went and inserted the cardboard to make up the difference. I called them on both of these items on 2 different occasions and ZERO results. This Linders Furniture place is nothing but a Two bit furniture store that should be located in a Swap Meet. At least at the Swap Meet you are aware of "you pay for what you get" But with Linders "buyer beware" "you pay for what you get" which is very bad service that will not take care of the issues when arrised because it will always be "your fault" and not theirs. Consumers, do yourself a favor and avoid the headaches "Don't buy at Linders Furniture" Your better off ordering online at Home Depot, Lowe's, Sears, or even Target. These Scammer Furniture Store will not do anything for you when your in need. Oh ya, did i mention i purchased the Furniture guarantee? No good, not covered because the way they see it is that one day i was board i began to peel off the wood grain and then later i was board again and broke the glass door. This is the mentallity of these people, to me i have a word for which is "ignorance" I should have checked this company out before i bought because if i would have, i would have gotten a clear picture of them. Now i know that i am not alone in this matter with this company.
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I totally agree with you...Linders is a rip off joint..I would have expected this from a swapmeet..even target or walmart furniture lasts longer and they Will exchange their products...Linders acts like they are paying for the exchange right from their own paychecks..and the customer service is a joke..Mary, MaryAnn ,Cynthia...all ***..that are good at argueing that's for sure..I didn't ask for my money back...I just wanted to exchange a cocktail table that after 5months literally fell was a manufacters defect...all i did was move the table to vacuum under it and i found a metal piece that was factory assembled on the carpet..I didn't know where it came from at first then i looked under the table and found it had fallen off..they wanted to fix it..i don't want it fixed...i want a good cocktail table which i paid over 300 dollars not fall apart...i want satisfaction and i will never get it..i am sure...i am still waiting for Sue another customer service mangager to call me back ...I have called them a week ago..and still no return call...the woman at corporate office claims they are sssooooo busy...yeah i bet with complaints...i will never buy from Linders again...i would rather pay more somewhere else...


Shame on you Linders, you are loosing alot of customers.

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Linders Furniture review in Los Angeles, California: Linder's Furniture - Worst Customer Service I Have Seen

I purchased a Sofa and Recliner from Linder's Furniture on April 5th, 2008, paid in full mind you. My statement of work clearly states someone from the Dispatch Center will contact me the week of April 21st to update my order. You can only guess this never took place. When I tried to contact them they were all out to lunch. Go figure. So I called my Salesman. He informed me the future would not be delivered in June as promised but had been pushed to the beginning of July. That is 3 month now they have my money and I have no furniture. When I call at the beginning of July to inquire about my delivery date, my salesman informs me it has been pushed to end of July. On July 14th, I do receive a phone call, not from Customer Service or Dispatch (who was supposed to call me back in April), but from my Salesman. He informs me that my furniture is scheduled to arrive the following week. He puts me down for a delivery date of July 24th. He said Dispatch would be calling me to confirm. Finally the day before my delivery at 11:23 someone from Dispatch calls and gives me a window of 2pm to 6pm. I indicated that both my boyfriend and I work evenings. Given I have been waiting now for almost 4months, I ask to speak to a manager to determine what can be done to ensure we do not have any issues. I leave a voice message for Jeff Beach asking him to return my call. When he does not return my phone call, I call again on the 24th. I also call and ask to speak to the manager of Customer Service since now this is a Customer Experience issue. Neither Sue nor Jeff takes the time to call me. I wait at the house until 6pm and no delivery truck. I was forced to leave at 6pm, so that I could be to work by 6:30pm. When I returned home that evening there was a note indicating that did arrive after 6pm. I began leaving more voice messages for both Sue and Jeff again first thing the next morning on July 25th so that we can work something out. I also call my Salesman again asking for assistance. I explain that I have patiently waited almost 4 months, asking me to wait even longer for my furniture is not an acceptable option for me. I am still waiting for a returned call.
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I wonder why a person should pay direct buy $ 6000 to get a life. It would be a *** way to add to the riches of the rich and make yourself poorer by the amount. I would love to have alife where I spend every penny of 6000 to enjoy a real life. I agree with the original review and if the savings were really as good as claimed by direct buy, a 50% sharing of savings whould ensure a return of 30 to 40 thousand dollars to direct buy from the customers testimonials on their ads claiming savings of 70,000 in few months.

Why is direct buy so *** not to learn this over 30 years of bussiness and have happier customers with no membership fees? well they are smart shrewd bussiness house whose only aim is to make money. And guess what... They found that the world is full of enough *** gulible people to belive in the bussiness house that claims to give you profits of $ 70,000 at the cost of $ 6000. The truth here is... come on fool get a life? pay right now 6000 and dream of recovering it by spending another $ 100,000 or more. Have a life and hope for the best. I would say you are more likey to make monet in las vegas or lotto than direct buy.

I am not a lawer but have faith in the legal system of our graet country. I am sure if all the members who feel cheated regardless of you buying things from them get togeather, direct buy will have to honour the claims and refund or stop luring more unwary members. In both cases you will succeed by either getting your money back or doing social work of saving others from the same money loosing trap.

Advice to all get alife of quality on real visible values and not hidden secret savings. The question is why dont we pay as we save along our purchases? Let direct buy keep 50 % of the savings at every purchase we make and charge no membership fees. I wish I had known all this before and would have asked this question at the presentation. Why is direct buy interested in your hard earned $ 6000 and not tapping into the secrets of wealth that the retailers dont want us to Know? Their customers in testimonials claim to save 70 to 100 thousands and 50% of these would be definately worth much more than $6000. Whos having a life? and Who is being *** is left for you to figure out. But Direct buy has grown over the past 30 years and definately not *** enough to let you make 100K and be happy with your 6000. Well maybe they feel that a bird in hand is better than two in the bush. How do you feel about it is the real question??????

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Linders Furniture review in Los Angeles, California: Sold me bogus warranty on furniture

I purchased two twin beds from Linders Furniture in Torrance, Ca. I was encouraged to buy the extended warranty in case they broke, chipped, etc. I was not really sold on the idea but the salesperson said, If your kids jump on the bed and it breaks we replace it. I was told if the paint chips they would fix it or replace it with a new one. I spent over $1,000 on the beds alone and decided I would get the insurance. Well one of the beds cracked on the headboard. I called Linders and it took me 6 weeks to get the repair people out. They did inform me that the crack was not covered under the warranty. I was totally pissed and told them that I was told it would be covered for any repair or replacement. They told me there was a more expensive warranty that I did not get which would of covered it. I told them what the *** did I pay for that was over $200? I will never ever purchase from Linders again, Never!!! I did purchase furniture from Living Spaces and was very pleased with the whole experience.
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I too was sold bogus warranty on a "leather sofa" that peeled. It wasnt leather at all it looked as if they sprayed a coat of paint on some weird material but it wasnt leather then I was told it was not covered cuz it was my fault the wanna be leather sofa peeled. Unreal, now I cant get ahold of anyone.


I too was talked into the same insurance and a couch that broke in 1 week! What a piece of junk!

They took weeks to come to my house then told me it was not covered and that it was do to consumer neglect and that the couch has a strange odor...What bull!! I would never buy from them even if I had to sit on the floor for the rest of my life!


:cry :( :x :sigh :zzz :upset :eek :roll :) :grin ;) 8) :p :?

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Broken Delivery Promise by Linders Furniture!

I just purchased a 3 piece couch from Linders Furniture and was offered to have it delivered to my home for $75.00. Sounds like a good deal! The salesman told me I would be able to pick a 4 hour block, either AM or PM to have it delivered. Sounds reasonable. Not the case. I got a phone call from the delivery department 1 week prior to delivery stating the couch would be delivered on a tuesday and to consider it an "ALL DAY" delivery window, but they would call 1 day prior to tell me which 4 hour window it would be delivered in. They also said I could not request AM or PM window. I told them I could only be home from 6 am to 3pm (BIG WINDOW of time) and asked if they could deliver in that time frame. I was told they could not help me, but they could reschedule 1 week later but still could not promise the AM time block.. WHAT A BIG HELP THAT WAS!!! At the time of this poor customer service I was given by the delivery department, I was in the market to purchase $30,000 - $40,000 worth of furniture to re-furnish a vaction home. You would think with the furniture industry going down the tubes, Linders would want to keep my business, But thats not the case. They still did not help me with the delivery problem and I have moved on to another furniture store.
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Hey Calvin,

Wish you could have read my my 2008 post prior to making your purchase at Linders, maybe it would have saved you the trouble. Since my post, the couch fell apart and it took Linders SEVEN months to replace it under warranty.

I notice all the stores are doing a complete inventory sale.

Hopefully they are going out of business and nobody else will suffer the Linders *** service. :( :(


DO NOT EVER BUY FROM LINDER'S FURNITURE. Placed my 3k order on 12/5/11 and was told all items were in stock and that they would be delivered the first week in January.

First week of January came and went with no update, so I called and was told that the fabric for the pillows i ordered for the couch were no longer carried by that manufacturer, so to make things easy I told them to use the couch fabric for the pillows. At this point I was told that my 2 chairs, rug and coffee table would be delivered on the 13th and that the couch would be ready on the 23rd. I was not happy but had them schedule delivery of all the items minus the couch. The 13th comes and my wife calls to tell me that they only delivered the 2 chairs and my warranty, which was listed as a separate piece (must of been heavy).

No warning or call that they were only going to deliver the chairs, so again I have to call and find out what the *** is going on. I'm told that the table was in stock and they don't know why it wasn't delivered, that I should have taken the rug from the store at the time of purchase (which nobody told me that) and that the couch would not be ready until the 23rd of January and they will deliver all the remaining pieces then. Reluctantly I said fine, although I'm pretty upset at this point. Yep you guessed it the 23rd rolls around and no update or call, so I finally get a call on Monday the 24th and am told that my delivery is scheduled for today the 26th.

I take a half day off of work to find out that they only have the rug and coffee table, I'm pissed now. I call the store where I bought the furniture and ask for Nancy my salesperson and ask her where the *** my couch is. She tells me that she has been working on finding out but for me to contact customer service (which irritated me since she is the one that made money off my purchase and her answer is POOR customer service). I contact them and they tell me that the couch will be ready Feb 6th now, so I tell her I want to cancel my order since I was mislead as to the fact that these items were in stock.

She says you ordered a custom couch and I could not cancel (hummm a custom couch that is not even made yet).


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Linders Furniture review in Long Beach, California: Sold me inferior electronics and a bogus warranty

Linder's Furniture sold me five tv's . All were inferior , three were lemons. They tricked me into buying an extended warranty for $1750.00 and assured me that it was the "best" and "all our customers buy it". I trusted the salesperson and ended up getting screwed. Inevitable the lousy tv's broke down.. I tried to have them fixed but both the Warranty compnay and Linder's denied responsibility. I spent countless hours on the telephone , on hold or waiting for call backs that never happened. Linder's purposely tricks consumers into buying these warranties because they are a big money makers and Linder's greedy
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Linders Furniture review in San Pedro, California: Scratched furniture

Linder's sold me a scratched coffee table and won't take it back or exchange. Don't give them your business.
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