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We purchased a dinette during an advertised sale stating that we would get $500 in free groceries for spending over $500. Rooms Express, a div of Linders Furniture hired companies that went bankrupt to handle the problem and then told us we should be grateful they were going to honor the commitment themselves.

After sending all the information again, they decided we would have to start over. We reluctantly agreed, but they have not sent payments that the agent claims they have, and this was confirmed by someone in their office when the regular agent was out of the office one day. We ask for call backs and she ignores us. They promised $500 and so far we have received 11 checks for $25 each while they claim to have paid us $350.

Buyer beware - if you aren't getting a discount from this corporation, back away and look elsewhere. They claim they are not responsible for lost checks, but anyone can claim a check was mailed and lost so what are we to believe? It's a simple matter to find out if a check was returned or cashed. I have been sending the receipts in two months at a time and sent them certified to verify they received them.

I am still waiting for checks for the past two months.

I will call again, but am expecting to be told again "The checks in the mail" These promises are a way to get people into the store, but wouldn't you rather have better prices to begin with than promises that can easily be broken??

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