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Linders Furniture review in San Diego, California: How to get back at Linders

I too had some difficulties with Linder's Furniture. We placed an order for 3 sofas, a love seat and a chair on September 3, 2011. The furniture was 'due' on September 26, 2011 per the order. When it did not show up, we called in and were told the two motion sofas were due on October 11, 2011 and the other sofa, love seat and chair would be in on October 17, 2011. After these dates passed, we called again for status. The sales person and manager could not provide any status and indicated that the order had not even been processed. I talked to 'customer service' and could get no status from them, so I told them to cancel the order. At this point 'customer service' said I could not cancel my order, even if they had not placed the order months after I paid for the furniture. So I contacted VISA and cancelled the order, I provided documentation on my attempts to contact Linders and VISA refunded my money. I even used the 'status' input at Linder's web site for records of asking for the status, and no one ever responded to any requests. I also filed a complaint with Better Business Bureau for the stores area. On November 4, 2011 Linder's Furniture called me to let me know that they would not be able to complete my order and to contact VISA to arrange for a refund (which I already had). So you can get them to listen and do something about their poor service and especially poor customer service.
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I purchased a 5 year warranty on my furniture in april. Store is now closing I called the store I purchased it from to see about a refund the sales person told me to call corporate .NO ONE ANSWERS THE PHONE????


This is complete fraud. After receiving a call that my order was ready for delivery I received another call from a third party company saying that my order was canceled and if I wanted to get my money back I would have to dispute it with my credit card company.

I immediately drove to Linder's and was told the same thing. I asked where my furniture was and they said they sold it to another customer but that I could purchase a new set if I wanted. So basically they stole people's money and are making the customer or the customers credit card company take the loss! I don't know the exact legalities but I would think this has to be illegal and would like to get a class action lawsuit started.

A lot of people got screwed and this was completely intentional.

They think that people won't fight it because they will get their money back through their credit card companies but why should we be liable for this? This is their responsability so lets not let Linder's get away with this!


Same situation. Ordered furniture the end of August.

Delivery was delayed supposedly due to warehouse move. Yeah right, they knew what they were doing!!

I received a call today stating they couldnt fulfill order nor refund my $. I immediately contacted my CC & they give me a credit & will further investigate the issue.


I received the same treatment from Linders. Same exact response from them.

I ordered a complete bed set from them back in Aug. 2011. It is now Nov. 7th and nothing happened.

I also received the same exact message on my voicemail stating that they are canceling my order completely and they will not refund my money and to call my credit card company for my options. I already told my credit card company 2 weeks before they left me this message and I too got my money credited back into my account. The credit card company sent me a letter stating that Linders has 60 days to respond.

I googled search Linders to find out that they are going to close down all their stores in California. No wonder the customer service was so horrible!

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Linders Furniture review in San Diego, California: Manager (Rancho Cucamonga) called wife a *** and hung up on her.

Worst experience ever! Bought a sectional March 29, 2010 and finally cancelled on August 9, 2010. After purchasing was told that it would be delievered on April 16th. Never received a call when that date came so I called and was told that it was on backorder till June 1st and that I would get a call to setup delievery. The date came, never got a call so I called them again to find out where my couch is and of course, again was told it is on backorder till end of June. End of June comes and goes and no phone call, so I called them again. Asked where my couch is and was told that they are waiting to fill the container from the manufacturer before shipping it over, so now till end of July and they will call me when it comes in. End of July comes and goes and no one calls me. So I call again and was told that it will be here on August 8th. To my surprise I actually get a phone call this time on August 3rd from a lady at the store saying that my couch has finally arrived and that I have a scheduled delievery date Saturday August 7th in the morning. So finally I will have my couch that I paid for over 4 1/2 months ago. So I take the day off work Saturday to wait for the delievery of my couch. It is now 1pm Saturday afternoon and still no couch. I call the dispatch center who is in charge of delieveries and they told me they don't even know who I am. So I call the store, (Rancho Cucamonga) and spoke to the lady who told me it was going to be delieverd today and she says, "Umm can I have the store manager call you back?" So its now 6:30pm and I receive a phone call from the "Store Manager" (Everett) sorry had to use his name becuase I received the worst customer service ever!!! He tells me he doesn't know why his sales associate called me and told me my couch is here and is going to be delievered, because it isn't here, it's still in China. He tells me that now he has to call 3 other customers to tell them the same thing because she called others scheduling a delievery date today and their merchandise is not here either. So he assured me that he would follow up with a phone call on Monday, August 9th to give me an update on what he found out about my order. Guess what??? Everett didn't call me on Monday or any other day after that. So I called him on the following Thursday to speak with him but of course he wasn't available and he would call me back. He didn't call me back so my wife called him today. He was unavailable again and he would call me back. To my surprise he did call back and spoke to my wife. He explainded to her that if she wants to know where the couch is that she needs to call customer service and ask them. He said he doesn't know where the couch is. So she asked him why didn't he call back on Monday with a follow up like he said he was going to do. He says, "He was busy and couldn't so he left a note for someone else to call us with a follow up." Well, no one called us with a follow up so my wife told him that. He says, "I don't know what to tell you Ma'am." So my wife asks him what was the note for and what did it say? His answere to her was, "I don't have to tell you that!" Excuse me what do you mean you don't have to tell us what the follow up note said????????? She was stunned at what his response was so she asks him, aren't you the store manager? You have our money and our couch and you have no answers to where our couch is.......So we want to cancel our order and get a refund. He calls my wife a *** and hangs up on her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I call back, and talk to another "Store Manager" by the name of Jon. I cancel the order through him and hopefully get a refund posted back to my card. This is the most horrific customer service experience I have ever encountered in my life. I don't even know how this company is still in business, they are a bunch of thieves and know nothing about customer service. Why are they still in business??? We as the consumer need to do something about this and let others know not to do business with them. I just don't understand what is going on with this company and how they have been in business for 25 years, especially after reading all the complaints on the internet about them and they have an "F" rating on the better business bureau ( website. I want to make sure this business goes down!!!!!!!! DO NOT SHOP AT LINDERS FURNITURE unless you want to be robbed of your $$$$. Robert J
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Do NOT, I repeat, do not go to this store to buy your furniture. Here's my story~ back in March 2011 my wife and I went in and made a large purchase of 2 full bedroom sets.

Of course the customer service was good considering I hadn't paid yet. We were told we could get a small discount if we paid in full at that time. We did just that. We were informed that one of the bedframes was on back order until June.

Now keep in mind this was told to us back in March. June seemed far away to wait for a piece of furniture, but we were patient and said fine. We questioned whether or not it would really arrive to our house in June, but our sales associate GUARANTEED it. He even shook my hand as he guaranteed this claim.

We even disregarded the fact that all the other pieces we purchased (including the other full bedroom set) was available immediately, but they would not deliver it until the one last backordered piece would come in. I found this strange considering most large stores such as Macy's, etc. will deliver them as they become available. But again my wife and I were patient.

The receipt paperwork stated I would receive a phone call in mid-May to give a tenative delivery date. This call never came. I then called them, and they said they would deliver our items the week of June 13th. June 15th comes around and still no call so naturally I call them.

Their response? "We'll call you by Friday.". Well, guess what? No call.

I call them Friday late-afternoon, and they tell me to call Monday. At this point it's now the week of June 20th. Monday afternoon comes around, and yet again no call from Linders. I call them to find out what's going on, and they now tell me they have nothing to do with the delivery aspect, and to call some 800 customer service number.

Can you believe it?! And of course customer service says for me to call the store direct and speak with a manager. Wait, it gets better! I finally speak with someone who's willing to listen, and now they tell me they'll call the week of JULY 11TH!!!

Now I have to wait until July?! I bought this furniture back in March! MARCH! And according to them even THIS was a tentative date.

Who knows? Maybe they'll push it back until I finally go away. And why haven't they at least delivered the rest of the pieces that have just been sitting in their warehouse since March? I called the manager and said I was GUARANTEED it would arrive by June, and of course they blamed the manufacturer.....unreal.

I told them they guaranteed me, but you can't use reason and logic on someone who doesn't have a mind that understands reason and logic. The fact that they guaranteed me it would arrive in June means nothing. My word means everything to me, honor, integrity. But to others its a lost art.

I told them I want to cancel my order, get a refund, and be done with them entirely, but now they say they can't cancel my order because I waited too long to cancel it. Unbelievable. They're the ones that made me wait until June, then they say I'M the one who waited too long. So as I type this today I have not one piece of furniture, my wife, son, and I are still sleeping on mattresses on the floor, AND I can't get my 2000 dollars back.

Please save yourself this insanity and go to another store.

There's plenty out there, forget about Linders. Thanks for listening.


Wow! I'm sad to see you had a bad experience at that store.

I had a complaint about a delivery issue and when I went into the store, Everett was the one who helped me and he couldn't have been more nice. He apologized for the issue and took care of it right away and was one of the most understanding store manager's I've ever worked with.

I'm sure your experience has convinced you otherwise, but I can't imagine the nice guy who helped me calling a woman a curse word. Maybe you got bad customer service, but that part seems a little hard to believe...


Busted!! Tasha, is your name Everett by any chance? Tasha, if you're gonna get on your high horse, and pose as a consumer, make sure you're smart about it!


HaHa, it does sound like, "Tasha" could be an employee there or its an alias name for one of the managers.

Because how would "Tasha" know what my wife looks like and make the comment that I married her for her looks??


Sounds like the above comment was left by an employee, lol


Sounds like your wife was called a *** because she was acting like one. Sounds like she was hung up on because she had no proper manners.

I wonder why you would marry someone who was not proper manners by her parents. Obviously you married her for her looks rather than personality. Then again you have the same personality as her. I very doubt that they will go out of business just because your wife's parents never taught her proper manners.

Since you both are lie this don't have children. We don't need them to learn disrespect and lack of manners from you.

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