Linders Furniture review in Laguna Niguel, California: Linders ripped me off

I ordered four pieces of furniture in Aug. from Linders. I was put off each month by customer service, who said there were production problems. In Nov. I received a call saying there would be no furniture coming and no refund of the $2500 I had paid. Now they're having a big sale! Why can't I get what I ordered? No wonder they're going out of business when they treat people this way. I'm a senior who has been severely ripped off by this no-good company! This has alerted me to beware of paying for anything before it arrives.
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Linders Furniture review in Atlanta, Georgia: Linders Cheating

Linders furniture is a joke, Jay Lee the store manager... is still selling furniture and promising that your furniture within the week is all *** they are lying to you they don't have *** there... its all gone don't trust any of those people... call your credit card and cancel the order ASAP!!! don't get involved in this ***. they are all lying to you. I payed with my wife half of the order which was a bed frame and 2 night stands, (690.00) and when my poor mother went in today and was so nice to pay the rest out of no where they made her pay a full amount of 1400.00 and said it was in the warehouse waiting to be shipped. I talked to the customer service and they said they don't have anything at the warehouse and not shipping anything. They are feeding us lies and nothing truthful. We are all pissed off and I hope NO one goes there anytime soon and ends up in this mess!
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He works at Jerome's Furniture as a manager now, just FYI, :zzz :upset

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Linders Furniture review in Los Angeles, California: Linder's furniture took my deposit then closed the store. They are in receivership. Wont return depo

Linder's furniture store in Murrieta Ca. took my deposit on a piece of furniture on Oct. 26. On Oct. 31 I went to pay off the balance and arrange for a delivery. The store was closed and a note on the door saying they were closed for inventory until the following Friday. I went back to the store on Nov. 5 and they were handing out a piece of paper telling us that our deposits were forfeited and to call an 800 number for instructions. i called the number and yes my deposited was not refundable. I could rebuy the item at the new price. I was lucky, only $50. Some people had paid thousands. I filed a report with the Consumer Fraud Bureau of Calif. Now I am just waiting.
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I was told by consumer fraud bureau that they went into liquidation not backruptcy or forclosure so we can't sue. I don't know if that is true or not. I wish someone had a lawyer in the family and could tell us if we could file a class action suit.




I am in the middle of the dispute with this company and no longer have my sales receipt, can anyone provide me with a copy of the back of their sales receipt that states their return policy. Any help is appreciated


I *** used a credit card the card company should refund all the money. I used a check and it had been cashed before I got home.


We all need to file with the consumer affairs dept. or get a class action suit.


Cant we sue them? They have refused to refund my 400 deposit

so i'm out 400 and no sofa


I gave a big deposit 4 months ago and was told my furniture would arive in 5-7weeks. I was at the store after 9 weeks and was told it would arrive in 10 days.

I received a call a week later saying it would be delivered in 2wks. 2days ago, they said they cancelled the order, for me to speak with my credit card company for a refund.


I gave a big deposit 4 months ago and was told my furniture would arive in 5-7weeks. I was at the store after 9 months and they said it would arrive in 10 days.

I received a call saying it would be delivered in 2wks. 2days ago, they said they cancelled the order and for me to speak with my credit card company for my refund.

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Linders Furniture review in Squaw Valley, California: Linders Suck. Failed to deliver.

Ordered a couch in October 2011. Found a beautiful leather sectional. Paid them about $1,800 and said delivery would be 2-3 weeks. By the 3rd week I had received no word on delivery. When I called to ask for a status they told me they had cancelled my delivery and that I would have to contact my credit card company to get a refund. After spending about an hour trying to get through customer service they had no reason for me why they had cancelled the order, and could not refund me my money. I tried calling corporate office and they gave me the same lame no reason. So in the end, I had to call up my bank to dispute the amount. Now the money is going through the dispute process and most likely would have to wait 2-3 weeks to get my money back. Horrible Customer service. What a waste of time.
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Linders Furniture Rip Off

Ordered bunkbed set for Christmas present for Grandchildren on 9/9/11. Received phone call 11/3 stating-"product would not be delivered, credit card would not be credited, contact credit card company for refund". Called several of Linder's phone #s. Everyone says they are clueless or the phone just rings and rings. I have filed dispute with VISA hopefully it comes through. This is one of the reasons I use a credit card all the time. Good luck to others who have not used a credit card. There are limits on how long you have to file a credit card dispute so file right away.
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Paid with debit card for furniture - found out company bankrupt and can't get my furniture - when we went to store to pick it up (floor model) associate told me I had to REPAY and then try to credit original order. Are you fn crazy!!! Linders SUCKS!!


I paid for a 1,300 sectional with a check and they refuse to give me a refund for a sectional they are NOT going to deliver to me.

any advice? Ifeel so helpless

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Linders Furniture-Do Not Buy From There

I purchased a couch from Linders back in August 2011. Linders said it would take 12 weeks for it to be shipped. Got call from them about delays. Now it appears that im not the only one who has been taken by Linders. Got call today and said furniture can not be delivered and money can not be refunded to credit card...what a scam. I guess its a call to my credit card company to see if I can get my money back. I would love to sue them but im sure im one of many who wants to get their money back. The credit card company should not have to bail them out. Now we know they are or have gone out of business.
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Linders Furniture review in San Diego, California: How to get back at Linders

I too had some difficulties with Linder's Furniture. We placed an order for 3 sofas, a love seat and a chair on September 3, 2011. The furniture was 'due' on September 26, 2011 per the order. When it did not show up, we called in and were told the two motion sofas were due on October 11, 2011 and the other sofa, love seat and chair would be in on October 17, 2011. After these dates passed, we called again for status. The sales person and manager could not provide any status and indicated that the order had not even been processed. I talked to 'customer service' and could get no status from them, so I told them to cancel the order. At this point 'customer service' said I could not cancel my order, even if they had not placed the order months after I paid for the furniture. So I contacted VISA and cancelled the order, I provided documentation on my attempts to contact Linders and VISA refunded my money. I even used the 'status' input at Linder's web site for records of asking for the status, and no one ever responded to any requests. I also filed a complaint with Better Business Bureau for the stores area. On November 4, 2011 Linder's Furniture called me to let me know that they would not be able to complete my order and to contact VISA to arrange for a refund (which I already had). So you can get them to listen and do something about their poor service and especially poor customer service.
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I purchased a 5 year warranty on my furniture in april. Store is now closing I called the store I purchased it from to see about a refund the sales person told me to call corporate .NO ONE ANSWERS THE PHONE????


This is complete fraud. After receiving a call that my order was ready for delivery I received another call from a third party company saying that my order was canceled and if I wanted to get my money back I would have to dispute it with my credit card company.

I immediately drove to Linder's and was told the same thing. I asked where my furniture was and they said they sold it to another customer but that I could purchase a new set if I wanted. So basically they stole people's money and are making the customer or the customers credit card company take the loss! I don't know the exact legalities but I would think this has to be illegal and would like to get a class action lawsuit started.

A lot of people got screwed and this was completely intentional.

They think that people won't fight it because they will get their money back through their credit card companies but why should we be liable for this? This is their responsability so lets not let Linder's get away with this!


Same situation. Ordered furniture the end of August.

Delivery was delayed supposedly due to warehouse move. Yeah right, they knew what they were doing!!

I received a call today stating they couldnt fulfill order nor refund my $. I immediately contacted my CC & they give me a credit & will further investigate the issue.


I received the same treatment from Linders. Same exact response from them.

I ordered a complete bed set from them back in Aug. 2011. It is now Nov. 7th and nothing happened.

I also received the same exact message on my voicemail stating that they are canceling my order completely and they will not refund my money and to call my credit card company for my options. I already told my credit card company 2 weeks before they left me this message and I too got my money credited back into my account. The credit card company sent me a letter stating that Linders has 60 days to respond.

I googled search Linders to find out that they are going to close down all their stores in California. No wonder the customer service was so horrible!

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Linders Furniture review in Los Angeles, California: Did not send my sofa and could not refund money back to crdit card

they delayed my delivery of my sofa and then called me today that they could not complete my order and can not put the credit back on to my credit card and told me to call the credit card co. myself. i could not believe what she was telling me to do. she said that was all she had to say. i never hear of something so crazy. what is going on with linders. anybody know. are they going bankrupt or what. i will never buy anything from them again. can anyone give me some input on this. anyone with the same problem. they need to be turned over to the better business bureau.
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Does anyone have linders warranty insurance number??? :? :upset


We bought a sectional from Westminster Linder's on 10/07/11 - after we paid by bank card they told us it wasn't in stock and we would get it by 10/19 - so on 10/26 I called the store. They said I had to call customer service.

When I finally got a hold of them they said there was a problem at the manufacturer and they would deliver on 11/21. I asked when they planned on telling me this and they said oh we were going to call today - yeah right. Now we got the call that we are not going to receive the sofa and cannot get our $ back. After several times trying to call customer service and getting hung up on or not answered at all they told me today that I had to go into the store and if I could prove that I purchased it with a bank card I could get store credit only.

Why would I want store credit to a store that is closing? She told me there were no other options.

I wonder how I would have even known this since no one ever told me before I called today. I have a feeling I am out my $1,800 :( :(


Linders in going bankrupt, or they have a huge scam going. We bought 4000 dollars of furniture, on credit card.

And like others, received a call that they can't fulfill the orther. Ok, give me my money back, sorry we can't do that either. U R on your own.

Hopefuly VISA card will return the charges. We bought at the Westminister store.


I'm in the same boat. Paid 5K for the furniture that was supposedly in stock back in September and was going to be delivered on September 19th.

Ever since they were giving me bs about manufacturer not having certain pieces only to tell me today that not only they don't have the furniture that was sold from inventory, but they are not issuing refunds as well - go talk to your credit card. The phone number given as their customer service belongs to a hired 3rd party, according to the person who answered the phone after 20 min. on hold. They are refusing to provide any info in writing - my credit company requested this to expedite the returd - no way they are even given that.

Yet you are right - they are still taking orders in the stores - was in one yesterday. Glad I scared a guy who was about to buy a coffee table away from them.


This very same thing happened to me today! They have the worst customer service I have ever experienced.

I put a deposit on a sectional that I purchased in early October and was told to pay the other half when I pick it up. They told me today that they cant fulfill my order and can not refund my money. I had to file a claim against them today as well.

This company is still open and selling couches to people!!! I am so mad!


As an insider, I can honestly say that linders was closed all week for inventory (first step when filing bankruptcy). I don't agree with the way linders is handling this situation.

They need to be up front with all contractors, employees and customers. They claim that they will begin customers starting today.

I hope ou all get your money back. :sigh


Im with everyone else on this one....hopefully the credit card company will go after them. Its really bad when they say cant deliver and cant give money back.


9/10/11 Furniture purchased at Linders Westminster. Sales associate encouraged us to pay cash for in-store items and finance the remainder of "back-order" items.

Expected Delivery 10/23

No call received from Linders in week prior to expected delivery to schedule delivery or otherwise explain any update.

I called Linders 3 times during week of 10/17 & 10/24 and was told they had not received my furniture and would call when me when my order came in.

10/28 Finally rec'd a call from Linders saying "order taking longer than expected, should arrive next week"

11/04 Rec'd call from some unknown party saying "Linders cannot fulfill your order, neither can they issue a refund to your credit card. Please call your credit card company to resolve. No other information can be provided at this time."

11/04 The telephone numbers for Linders are not working. Cannot reach anyone.

11/04 Spoke to the "Dispatch Center" was told they are a separate company contracted by Linders and others to delivery furniture only. Due to the high number of calls they've received they've been in contact with Linders and was told that Linders is conducting inventory the entire week of 10/31 to 11/04 and that all their offices are closed for this inventory, but that someone from Linders should be calling customers today. Recommended trying to contact Linders on Monday, after inventory.

11/04 T; sw credit card company GE Finance. They will place account on 20 day hold in order to allow us time to resolve the issue with the vendor (Linders). We need to send our billing dispute in writing asap if we cannot resolve the issue with Linders.


Im in the same boat. Got the same call but could no answer.

they left me a message telling me to call the 1800 number for customer service . I did that but no answer. I called my credit card co.

and stated the charge back process hope i get my money back. I have done some little looking around looks like they are going to bk.

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Linders Furniture review in Clarksburg, West Virginia: Linders can pound sand

They answer the phone so you think there still open. I see alot of people getting a new customer service number. I bought a couch from there 4 weeks ago and have not got call telling me its on the way to me. I called my credit card company so they could start the chargeback process. I would advise everyone who is waiting on stuff to do the same. All i can say is this place is joke and feel like i have been robbed. Also i have tried to call them to give them a chance to give me my stuff that i paid for in full. When to call there customer service number it tells you to call back in there normal buiness hours. WHAT A JOKE!!
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Linders Furniture review in Van Nuys, California: Failed to Deliver!

Order a sectional in July. Received partial dleivery in september. Promised all within 8 weeks. NO Call ever. Informed after i called that it would arrive by 10/1/11. NO Show. Called again. Informed that it would be to us by 10/31/11. NO show no call. Called again. Promised by the 1st week in November. Called today by 3rd party to inform me that i would not receive the rest of the order and i would not be credited to my account. advise dme to call my credit card co for options. Who runs a bus like this?
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Oh I am sorry I didn't tell the whole story. I received a call on my answering machine to call them and when I do it's an automated message saying I was not calling during business hours and I was.

Can't get anyone ANYWHERE! No one at stores, no one at corporate, no one at customer service!!! WTF!

Then I come on here and read of all of these customer complaints and I want to be sick! Disgraceful!


This is the most disgusting business I have ever dealt with. I ordered a couch from these losers 2 weeks ago and the sales manager Dane assured me we would have my couch before Thanksgiving!

Lying POS!

We have called the credit card company and they have already credited out money back but that is besides the point! How low can you be!



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