they delayed my delivery of my sofa and then called me today that they could not complete my order and can not put the credit back on to my credit card and told me to call the credit card co. myself.

i could not believe what she was telling me to do. she said that was all she had to say. i never hear of something so crazy. what is going on with linders.

anybody know. are they going bankrupt or what. i will never buy anything from them again. can anyone give me some input on this.

anyone with the same problem. they need to be turned over to the better business bureau.

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Does anyone have linders warranty insurance number??? :? :upset


We bought a sectional from Westminster Linder's on 10/07/11 - after we paid by bank card they told us it wasn't in stock and we would get it by 10/19 - so on 10/26 I called the store. They said I had to call customer service.

When I finally got a hold of them they said there was a problem at the manufacturer and they would deliver on 11/21. I asked when they planned on telling me this and they said oh we were going to call today - yeah right. Now we got the call that we are not going to receive the sofa and cannot get our $ back. After several times trying to call customer service and getting hung up on or not answered at all they told me today that I had to go into the store and if I could prove that I purchased it with a bank card I could get store credit only.

Why would I want store credit to a store that is closing? She told me there were no other options.

I wonder how I would have even known this since no one ever told me before I called today. I have a feeling I am out my $1,800 :( :(


Linders in going bankrupt, or they have a huge scam going. We bought 4000 dollars of furniture, on credit card.

And like others, received a call that they can't fulfill the orther. Ok, give me my money back, sorry we can't do that either. U R on your own.

Hopefuly VISA card will return the charges. We bought at the Westminister store.


I'm in the same boat. Paid 5K for the furniture that was supposedly in stock back in September and was going to be delivered on September 19th.

Ever since they were giving me bs about manufacturer not having certain pieces only to tell me today that not only they don't have the furniture that was sold from inventory, but they are not issuing refunds as well - go talk to your credit card. The phone number given as their customer service belongs to a hired 3rd party, according to the person who answered the phone after 20 min. on hold. They are refusing to provide any info in writing - my credit company requested this to expedite the returd - no way they are even given that.

Yet you are right - they are still taking orders in the stores - was in one yesterday. Glad I scared a guy who was about to buy a coffee table away from them.


This very same thing happened to me today! They have the worst customer service I have ever experienced.

I put a deposit on a sectional that I purchased in early October and was told to pay the other half when I pick it up. They told me today that they cant fulfill my order and can not refund my money. I had to file a claim against them today as well.

This company is still open and selling couches to people!!! I am so mad!


As an insider, I can honestly say that linders was closed all week for inventory (first step when filing bankruptcy). I don't agree with the way linders is handling this situation.

They need to be up front with all contractors, employees and customers. They claim that they will begin customers starting today.

I hope ou all get your money back. :sigh


Im with everyone else on this one....hopefully the credit card company will go after them. Its really bad when they say cant deliver and cant give money back.


9/10/11 Furniture purchased at Linders Westminster. Sales associate encouraged us to pay cash for in-store items and finance the remainder of "back-order" items.

Expected Delivery 10/23

No call received from Linders in week prior to expected delivery to schedule delivery or otherwise explain any update.

I called Linders 3 times during week of 10/17 & 10/24 and was told they had not received my furniture and would call when me when my order came in.

10/28 Finally rec'd a call from Linders saying "order taking longer than expected, should arrive next week"

11/04 Rec'd call from some unknown party saying "Linders cannot fulfill your order, neither can they issue a refund to your credit card. Please call your credit card company to resolve. No other information can be provided at this time."

11/04 The telephone numbers for Linders are not working. Cannot reach anyone.

11/04 Spoke to the "Dispatch Center" was told they are a separate company contracted by Linders and others to delivery furniture only. Due to the high number of calls they've received they've been in contact with Linders and was told that Linders is conducting inventory the entire week of 10/31 to 11/04 and that all their offices are closed for this inventory, but that someone from Linders should be calling customers today. Recommended trying to contact Linders on Monday, after inventory.

11/04 T; sw credit card company GE Finance. They will place account on 20 day hold in order to allow us time to resolve the issue with the vendor (Linders). We need to send our billing dispute in writing asap if we cannot resolve the issue with Linders.


Im in the same boat. Got the same call but could no answer.

they left me a message telling me to call the 1800 number for customer service . I did that but no answer. I called my credit card co.

and stated the charge back process hope i get my money back. I have done some little looking around looks like they are going to bk.

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