Linder's Furniture has the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!! Veronica, Rosa, and Marcela are rude and completely unapologetic.

My dining set delivery was over two weeks late. They finally called to schedule delivery and I thought everything was set. Then they call the night before delivery and tell me that they cannot deliver for another 2 weeks!! I asked to cancel and have my money refunded, and they said it will take 21 days for me to get my money back!

Do not do business with this company.

The leaset they could do is refund my money and apologize, but they wont even do that, then Veronica hung up on me! Rude, nasty, customer service department.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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linders has refused to gove me a rfund for the sectional they are nOT going to deliver.

they are forcing us to buy something else and with a store credit instead of my cash back like i gave them the day of purchase


I dont see how?


So is the place going out of business?


okay just got someone on the phone from the cerritos store and he gave me the number where we can all get some answers but not till saturday

the number to call is 888 412-1713


OMG j hope we do get our furniture I'm planing a wine party on Dec 5th and was hoping to show off my new furniture, this sucks!!!


The number I was given to call for their new customer service is 888-416-1743 starting Friday since they are now being handled by the liquidation consultants they will start rescheduling deliveries if you call that number. :(


I'm in the same boat. I thought I was the only one who was going through this.I called all the stores for the past two days.

No wonder the company's down under. I have a mattress on layway and I am moving next week. I'm pregnant and need a mattress asap. This is ridiculous!!!!

I will most definitely stop by the Torrance store and see what the *** is going on. Never Again!!!


phillip linder shame on you


Yes, definitely everyone should contact your credit card companies, they are obviously gone. I realize our good luck was only because it was items on the floor they could sell instantly. Meanwhile, I'll try and find out what's going on with the liquidation, maybe you can buy similar furniture for cheap.


You got it because it was clearance and in stock. We have "custom" furniture being delivered.

I stopped by their store and warehouse here in Torrance. It is locked up tight with cardboard and newspapers covering the windows . Doesn't look good for us. I do not know a company that would sit down for 5 days for inventory,close customer service department and not answer calls.

Isn't inventory done at night after hours. We have called our credit card company.

I will stop back by on the 5th the day the note on the door says they will re-open. Keep posting


I am sorry to hear about all of the problems people have had who ordered furniture. We actually had a great experience with the Cathedral City store buying two clearance items just a couple of weeks ago, that were delivered as promised.

We cancelled another item (a mattress protector) because we found it cheaper elsewhere, and customer service promptly refunded our credit card.

We hesitated on a couple of other items that we haven't seen anywhere else, so it would be great to find out where the furniture is going. :roll


We purchased our sectional and were promised it before thanksgiving. We spent 1,400.00 on it. Does anyone have any contact phone numbers where a live person is answering???

:? We purchase the 5 year protection and now who the *** do we go to for help?

I am sooooo frustrated right now and need our sofa for the holiday or everyone will be on the floor how embarassing!!!!


My husband and I had put a bedroom set on layaway which totaled $3372 and we've paid a total of $1690. We went to the Linders in Rancho on Friday October 30th to put a payment of $800 with plans to pay the rest $800 this weekend and schedule delivery for this weekend.

I've had such a bad feeling with all the negative complaints that I've been seeing online about them thats why I told my hubby lets just hall A and do what we have to do to get our furniture out! I just pray to GOD that we can get our money back!! I will NEVER EVER put anything on layaway AGAIN!!! Costco has the exact same set, so believing we get our money we will just purchase it from them!

How SAD!

P.S. I called EVERY ONE of their stores and no one answers. When my hubby and I went on Friday the parking lot was totally vacant, and there were white papers posted on the windows saying they were closed doing inventory from October 27th until October 31st.

So my husband called yesterday and no answered....I even called the customer service number and corporate and no answer...I called their dispatch center and they said they haven't scheduled deliveries for them in over a week, and that customers had been calling.

They took my contact info and said they sent them an email to call me but no one has....thats really messed up! :cry


Same here I've been trying to get a hold of someone n no answer all I got yesterday was a ph call canceling my delivery for no reason so I've contacted BBB and Garden Grove Chamber of Commerce to report it. They keep posting On their door that they r doing inventory n it's all BS someone went there n changed the date of their false inventory just went to the Rancho C store today I think all they have in the showroom is now reposed.

If u charged anything on cc call ur cc company n ask to cancel this is all fraud they knew they were closing n they kept selling furniture they weren't going to deliver. I bumped into several people today in the parking lot with the same upsetting story unfortunately we bought a bedroom set a livingroom set a dining table n we are frustrated now.


this is true I have been calling in regards to a sectional we ordered last month no answer at any of the stores or customer service what do we do?


I know someone who works there, they are out of business as of Nov 1. The liquidators now own all their inventory. Your instincts were correct.


I have been calling their customer service ALL DAY!!!..No one answers...Im pissed!!!!


Be careful when you buy at Linders. It really looks like they are about to either go out of business or declare bankruptcy.

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