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Do NOT, I repeat, do not go to this store to buy your furniture. Here's my story~ back in March 2011 my wife and I went in and made a large purchase of 2 full bedroom sets.

Of course the customer service was good considering I hadn't paid yet. We were told we could get a small discount if we paid in full at that time. We did just that. We were informed that one of the bedframes was on back order until June.

Now keep in mind this was told to us back in March. June seemed far away to wait for a piece of furniture, but we were patient and said fine. We questioned whether or not it would really arrive to our house in June, but our sales associate GUARANTEED it. He even shook my hand as he guaranteed this claim.

We even disregarded the fact that all the other pieces we purchased (including the other full bedroom set) was available immediately, but they would not deliver it until the one last backordered piece would come in. I found this strange considering most large stores such as Macy's, etc. will deliver them as they become available. But again my wife and I were patient.

The receipt paperwork stated I would receive a phone call in mid-May to give a tenative delivery date. This call never came. I then called them, and they said they would deliver our items the week of June 13th. June 15th comes around and still no call so naturally I call them.

Their response? "We'll call you by Friday.". Well, guess what? No call.

I call them Friday late-afternoon, and they tell me to call Monday. At this point it's now the week of June 20th. Monday afternoon comes around, and yet again no call from Linders. I call them to find out what's going on, and they now tell me they have nothing to do with the delivery aspect, and to call some 800 customer service number.

Can you believe it?! And of course customer service says for me to call the store direct and speak with a manager. Wait, it gets better! I finally speak with someone who's willing to listen, and now they tell me they'll call the week of JULY 11TH!!!

Now I have to wait until July?! I bought this furniture back in March! MARCH! And according to them even THIS was a tentative date.

Who knows? Maybe they'll push it back until I finally go away. And why haven't they at least delivered the rest of the pieces that have just been sitting in their warehouse since March? I called the manager and said I was GUARANTEED it would arrive by June, and of course they blamed the manufacturer.....unreal.

I told them they guaranteed me, but you can't use reason and logic on someone who doesn't have a mind that understands reason and logic. The fact that they guaranteed me it would arrive in June means nothing. My word means everything to me, honor, integrity. But to others its a lost art.

I told them I want to cancel my order, get a refund, and be done with them entirely, but now they say they can't cancel my order because I waited too long to cancel it. Unbelievable. They're the ones that made me wait until June, then they say I'M the one who waited too long. So as I type this today I have not one piece of furniture, my wife, son, and I are still sleeping on mattresses on the floor, AND I can't get my 2000 dollars back.

Please save yourself this insanity and go to another store.

There's plenty out there, forget about Linders. Thanks for listening.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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It's not just in Rancho Cucamanga. All Linders as a whole do this as their everyday business practice.

I cannot believe there hasn't been any type of lawsuit against this company. Murrieta is exactly the same.

I'm still waiting til this day for the bedroom furniture I bought back in August 20, 2011. I will try to call my credit card company to see if they can still get my money back.


This problem is not isolated to this one store, it appears to be corporate policy to provide no customer service and lots of lip service. Thankfully we got out dinette, but the rest of the problems still exist and "Sue" in customer service refuses to even call back. I regret that we have only this format to warn others, I am going to notify everyone on my Facebook page to check here before they go to any company from now on.


Angela, here's what I did. Because Linders said I couldn't cancel (which was *** of me in the first place to sign something that confirms this) I put in a formal dispute with my credit card that I used to purchase the furniture.

They credited me back the entire amount! Just like that. If you paid with a credit card too you should dispute it to get the money back.

Forget waiting on's not worth the headache. Plus, my wife and I said we didn't even want it anymore even if it did come in because everyday we'd be reminded of them and they're ***.


July 30th and still no bed, no end table, no dresser nothing!! I was told that the set left the manufacturer 3 weeks ago from Virginia.

Really does it take 3 weeks to go from VA to CA?? I am still sleeping on the floor.

It has now been 5 months of waiting!! Is there anything that can be done about this company??


I just wrote a huge reply to your comment, but for some reason it didn't post. Anyway, here's the condensed version - my wife and I went to Mathis Brothers yesterday.

And guess what? They have the same Polaski bedroom set there. We too wanted to buy the black Polaski set at Linders. At Mathis Bros.

they said they have 5 in stock and can deliver it by within a week should we choose to buy it. My wife and I can't believe we waited 3 months for something that was there the whole time just down the street and Mathis.

Go check it out for yourself and see. I still can't believe I'm going through this when I could have bought it back then without these hassles!


This story is unbelievable. I would not believe you accept that that is my story almost word for word!!!

Even sleeping on the floor. I bought a Polaski bedroom set in March and was told to expect it the week of June 13th. Like you NO call, nothing. We just called customer NO Service and was told today that it is a manufacture issue and to not expect it until July 18th!

I wish I would have had the forsight to check out this company beore I spent $8,000!! We were told that we could not cancel the order so we feel stuck and at the mercy of Linders!

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