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I ordered a bed on Saturday and was told if I wanted to pick up it up I could do so on that following Wednesday. When I got to the place to pick up the bed, the salesman said it was not at this warehouse go down the street to their other warehouse and it was not there so I contact the store that I purchased it from(Cerritos), and they said that the bed did not make the delivery truck.

So I had to wait for another week and I'm still waiting. BTW they are very very RUDE!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $500.

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:cry its a good thing you are not going to purchase there any more. I have worked in customer service for 12 years and can spot a know when you have to keep repeating yourself over and over to a customer then they are beyond help!

Goood for Maryann for standing her ground!!!! you probably should shop at IKEA


I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM LINDERS AGAIN. I just purchased a bed from Linder's for a gift.

The bed (which took a week to deliver) arrived today and was missing a "bar." We tried to refuse the bed, oh by the way, we were told about the missing bar once the bed was almost assembled. The Linder's customer service office convinced us that we could use the bed without the bar and they would return with it on another day. OK so we start putting the bed up again when my husband notices there isn't a latter for the bunk bed and they have, in fact, sent us the wrong bed! We called customer service and spoke with Maryann who ought NOT be working in customer service and who should give that position to someone who is unemployed and would LOOOVE a job right now.

She should be fired immediately. She was completely unsympathetic and RUDE. She kept repeating things and insisting I was not hearing her. Typically, I'd recommend an employee undergo additional training and possibly a reprimand.

But in this case she needs to be fired right now. We've spoken to Rosa, Greg, and everybody else at Linders. It's a shame. It's almost as if the company is structured to offend and insult the customer.

Somebody, please tell me what company can exist without customers. I recommend you go to IKEA, ASHLEY, JC Penney furniture, Macy's Furniture, LA Liquidators, ANYWHERE else but here. Don't waste your money and don't put yourself in a position to receive poor customer service...because you will.

Oh, I neglected to mention that we previously purchased a huge entertainment center from there two years ago. They've gotten the last of our hard earned dollars.

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